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The Bones of the Homeless
                                                           by Judy Jones


               Ode to Janis Joplin
                                       by Judy Jones





                        by Judy Jones






Legend has it a butterfly can change

the world with a flap of its wings!


May I introduce you to a real live

butterfly who is also a harpist and healer?


Kelley Butterfly not only has rainbow

colored wings, she plays the most

mystical and magical of all instruments,

the harp.


I saw her a picture of her playing a

harp covered with butterflies and

immediately asked for an interview

with "On the Road With Judy!"


Kelley opened her soul and shared her

wisdom of many lifetimes.


She is a gift for us to

'drink in, savor and enjoy.'


May each word open your hearts,

filling them with heavenly light

and pure flowing love!!




Kelley, how did you become a butterfly?



I have a great love for butterflies.

While on my spiritual path of seeking,

something magical happened to me.


My newly awakened self suddenly

had a new name. "Butterfly Woman". 

I spent a whole year walking in

courtship with this newly awakened self.


Shortly after that I was granted another

kind of awakening. I saw my wings! 


I could feel them and started 

giving 'Wing Kisses!'



What's  a 'wing kiss?' Kelley?



I stand in front of a person while

moving my wings back and forth. 

They brush their bodies with a light healing

touch.  Its really fun to have people tell

me they can 'feel my wings!'


So many people have no one to touch

them.  I think a gentle loving touch

could change our world.


I find with wings I get to touch more

people and more of life gets to touch me!



How has this  'newly found self'  

changed your life?



My interest has turned to the

healing of the human spirit. Other healers

began to see an energy in my body and

eventually it came to have great meaning

for me and my healing gifts.


I have been using my 'healing table'

as I like to call it for over ten years.


It facilitates a universal whole self healing,

a multi-dimensional healing.  I have

discovered a great deal about the human

spirit by working with this tool.


Someday it will make a nice book so please

keep checking my website for my

progress with it!



How did you start playing the

harp and when did you know

the harp was your instrument?



The harp is an instrument of

the heart.  I believe we all have

a harp cord that runs through our

bodies.  It is an invisible cord

of light that flows around the

spinal column.


The harp resonates with the human

spirit quite like no other instrument.

All of heavens angels have one,

so why should those of us who

are here be left out?


Some years ago while I was still

merging with my higher awakened

self, music and stories began to

stream through me.


A friend of mine over heard me

telling someone that I wanted to

learn to play the harp.  And the

next time I saw him, he lent

me his handmade harp, made

by an intutive musician.


It was amazing.  I never had a

single lesson.  I started playing it

and within four days gave a live

concert in front of forty people and

not one person left the room!  A

few even asked me how many

'years' I had been studying

the harp.


Ever since that moment, I haven't

stopped playing.  Later I returned

my friends harp and was guided

by spirit to 'my harp maker'. 

Within a year, I had my own harp

to play.




            "Kelley Butterfly!"




Kelley, how did the pictures

of the butterflies get on

your harp?



I painted them on it.

It took me a year to complete.

They tell a story about butterflies.



Tell us about playing the

harp.  How do you do it,

all those strings look so




I don't even look at the

strings.  My eyes are

closed.  And I ask the

angels to do the rest.


People often cry when

I play.  It opens the heart

and they remember something

special they almost forgot.


Woud you like to know what

that 'something' is?



Please tell us.



Their real selves.  It

reawakens them to their

inner souls callings.


I never play the same thing

twice and I don't write any

music down.  Don't even

think I read music.  I just

play because......I love to!!

Like life, I play at and with




Where do you play

your harp Kelley?



With a small harp you are

free to play almost anywhere.

I play at parties, meditation

groups, churches and schools.


Sometimes I help make

dreams come true as well.

Parents come to me that

have always wanted to

play the harp and I let them!



What do you love most

about your harp?



Its has an amazing sound.

A kind of hum.  I play with

the wind.


Its fun to put your harp on

the side of a hill, and

when the wind blows

it vibrates the strings

through the sound holes.


Once I was so inspired by

that sound, I sang into the

sound holes on my harp

instead of playing the strings.


My voice, just like the mystical

wind, vibrated the cords along

with my song.  People loved it!



Do you have CD's available

with your music?



I'm working on one and it

should be available by

the winter soltisce.



Tell us about your mountain.



One of my major spiritual

guides is the Great Mother

of the universe.  If she tells

you something, you listen!


Humility and gratitude are my

next greatest guides.  I credit

the Great Mother for teaching

me these.


One day she whispered into my

ear,  "You are going to walk beside

the mountain."


The next week I met this

mountain. Only it was no

ordinary standing stone.

He was a sandy haired, blue

eyed, handsome, six foot four

man.  His name is Andrew

Mount.  But I kept hearing

his spirit whispering "Mountain"

to me.


After we got to know each other

better,  I said to him, "You have

another name, don't you?"


And he answered,  "I used to

be called 'Mountain Man'

as a child."



Where did you meet Mountain?



At a 'Love Fest' in Peoples Park

in Berkeley, California.  I was

playing my harp and telling a



At first Andrew thought he

knew me, but later we found

out he must have recognized

me from another lifetime.


He came to visit me and share

healings a month later, and

never left!


Our relationship is like a flower,

constantly blooming.  One part

of our lives together is falling

away, while another is just

beginning to show its true

color.  Suddenly, it blossoms

to reveal a whole new center!


We just keep falling in love

again and again.






Mountain and I were on top

of Mt. Shasta two years ago

and were given the gift of

a new life!!!


A son, a master who is teaching

us all about life.


And I have two children from my

previous relationship.  My daughter,

Avery is a beautiful young woman

who is an artist and poet and

my son Aeron, is a hands on

healer and computer wizard.


We pray as we go, that we may

always find our way home..and home

is in our hearts.  As it is yours!



Kelley, thank you for sharing

your  'Hearts song'  with us.


I am so grateful Spirit guided

you to "On the Road With Judy!"






                All Photos provided    

                          by Kelley Butterfly



Kelly has just released her first CD called

                    "MAKE BELIEVE

Angelic Harp Music for the Heart from the Heart

   Contact Kelley to purchase a CD at:    

             Rev. Kelley Springer
        Universal Whole-Self Healing
email: kelley@lovewisdompower.com













































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